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Full Starter Kit
Below is your starter kit with everything you need to get started. We provide full training and your buying discount earns you 40% commission. When you purchase your kit we will activate your consultant login to access training and your restock items. If you want to pay by laybuy (6 x $50 weekly payments) you will have that choice at check out.

Kit Contents:

10 x 50ml Perfume bottles (ready to be filled with perfume that has been made at the party)

4 x 100ml Perfume Base - Woody, Citrus, White Musk and Floral (each perfume uses 25ml base so this is enough to make 16)

10 x 50ml Perfume Add ins - This is the fun stuff, used to add onto the bases to make a perfume. (each perfume uses 25ml of base so this is enough for 20 perfumes)

50 x Tester Strips

10 x Graduated Cylinder - You will use this to create your perfume. (we give you the instructions and a video)

10 x Funnels - Use these for hassle free filling at the party.

10 x Boutique gift bags - The guest at your party can take their creation home in style.

Over $900 in value.

When you purchase your kit you will be able to purchase re fills at 40% OFF

So a completed perfume will cost you $30 and you will sell at $50!

This kit allows you full access to the consultant area and full training!

Basic Starter Kit $199.95 or $33.32 a week.

The basic kit is a great way to get started for less. The kit contains enough making blends to create over ten 50ml perfumes! This would suit a small starter perfume making party/workshop or allow you to create your own perfumes for sale.

The basic kit allows you to get started making money with a low investment, you can add to your kit as you make a profit at wholesale prices.

Inclusions- (over $450 Wholesale Value and over $700 retail)

9 x 50ml Add in blends

3 x 100ml Base blends

5 x 50ml perfume bottles

3 x Beaker for easy creation

3 x Perfume Funnels

You will also get access to wholesale pricing to restock with your profit!