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Cant make it to one of our perfume workshops? You can now get your very own perfume creation kit. Celebrities have their own perfume and now you can too! Its easy to custom blend your own perfume with our kit, we provide everything you need including instructions. Each of our perfume blends have been created by our master perfumer Mark Evans to combine together in any combination. There are 24 blends to choose from each exquisite and Eau De Parfum strength. 

Your kit contains - 

1 x 50ml Perfume Bottle (for your creation)

6 x 15ml Perfume Blends (see below for choices)

 6 x Pipettes (to create your perfume)

1 x Instruction's from our perfumer 

The perfume making kit is presented in a gorgeous black gift box so are ideal for gifts.

Our 24 blends are all designed to mix well and are each beautiful alone so you cant make a mistake. Choose any 6 from the list below.

Citrus  - A bright, invigorating, true-to-life burst of lemons, oranges, bergamot and neroli - perfect as a base for a cologne style, floral or summer fragrances.

Light Floral - Petal fresh, bright and delightfully floral. Close your eyes and the notes of Lily of the Valley, rose and white flowers transport you to a flower shop in Paris in the spring ("bonjour Madame, puis-je vous aider?") and the addition of a light touch of the aldehydes used in Chanel 5 adds a classic French perfume quality.

 White Musk - The White Musk base strikes a perfect balance between warm, sensual, animalistic musks and cosy, soft, woollen musks.

 Woody- Rich, opulent, rare and distinguished, the Woody Base has dreamy notes of creamy sandalwood, cedarwoods, exotic oud, vetiver and cashmere musk.

Narcotic Floral - Heady white floral, Bright and addictive. This is a bold floral both strong and sweet.

 Marine - Oceanic and summery, The first breath you take when visiting the ocean. Marine is reminiscent of the watery note in Aqua Di Gio, Coolwater and Gucci Bloom Aqua.  

Vanilla Balsam - Sweet and boozy, Classic vanilla with a balsamic touch.

Rose - Classical light rose, The breeze that blows in a rose garden at spring.

Floral Bouquet - Heavy and sweet, Sweeter than it is green. This floral is strong and packs a floral punch.

Jasmine - Green and sweet, Slightly floral a true jasmine scent.

Tobacco - Woody and masculine floral, slightly reminiscent of an unlit tobacco pipe. 

Orange Flower - Citrus and Green, A sharp neroli with a touch of blood orange.

Gourmand - Edible and Sweet, The feeling elicited when you enter a room of sweet pastries.

Chypre - Animalistic and mossy with a touch of Oakmoss and Citrus. The scent is slightly woody almost a dry hay type wood.

Earthy Moss - Green and earthy, A damp forest floor or freshly cut grass. Formulated to be easy to work with, it doesn't lean to much towards and specific green earthy scent.

Amber - Sweet and musky, A warm woody glow. Oriental and mysterious. This is a tradintional musk with a non animalistic scent, slightly incense like.

Fruity - Sweet and juicy, Bright and sunshine sweet.

Orchid - Powdery and floral, An Intense floral with a hint of vanilla freshness.

Lily - Soft and Delicate, A floral breeze thats as delicate as it is robust.

Oriental - Sensual and spicy, A wander through the spice market, a little sweet and woody.

Spice - Peppery and punchy, Giving every formula a gentle kick to the nose.

White Oak - Woody and Pine, A refreshing top note with a earthy undertone.

Cologne - Citrusy and fresh, A true unisex cologne blend with a hint of Konifer.

Honey - Powdery and green, A slightly green floral with a breath of honey like properties. The scent of honey without the sweetness.




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